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The light that fills your home can be just the way that you want it to be with 3M Window Films. Our 3M Window Films offer protection from the sun’s damaging UV rays and controls heat and glare, while inviting warm, natural light into the room.

Unlike most other traditional sun control window films, our films offer low interior reflectivity that leaves your view clearer than ever, especially at night. For most people, there are two primary reasons for installing window films: rejecting heat to increase comfort and fade protection from damaging rays.

Our spectrally-selective films reject up to 97% of the sun’s infrared light to help keep your home cool, your energy bills lower, and your furnishings beautiful.

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Creating a clear window film with all of these advantages wasn’t easy. It required the world-leading nano-technology labs of 3M. This expertise allows us to manufacture patented window films with hundreds of layers that are less than the thickness of a postage stamp. 3M has created window films that deliver the highest performance available.

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