3M Safety and Security Window Films

safety film with broken glassThere are times when the world is a dangerous place. Tornados, severe wind, bomb blasts, and even earthquakes can cause glass to shatter and send shards flying. During these disasters, 3M Safety and Security Window Films help keep flying glass from harming inhabitants and, in many circumstances, will help keep out wind and rain.

3M Safety and Security Window Films also help you to deter street crime. This product helps hold the glass in place, criminals don’t have the quick access time needed to successfully smash and grab merchandise. Often the safety window film will slow down a criminal to the degree that they may choose to move on to an easier target.

3M patented window films use layer after layer of micro-thin polyester to outperform other films of similar thickness. This superior performance is due to the remarkable flexibility of our films. These products have been subjected to bomb blasts, all kinds of flying objects and a rigorous series of durability tests. We have gone to extreme measures to make sure that our films meet or exceed standards for impact and tear resistance.

The 3M Anti-Graffiti Window Films help prevent damage to glass before it begins. The film shields the window or mirror surface from tagging (acid etching), gouging, scratching, spray painting, and general vandalism. This product provides an invisible barrier that can be removed and replaced as opposed to replacing the glass itself. Anti-Graffiti window film protection is virtually invisible and will not alter the appearance of the glass or any surface that it is applied to.

We have numerous interior and exterior safety films that help address a wide range of protection related concerns. Some of these safety films can also provide excellent heat and glare reduction.

Safety Products

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